Airbnb Host Guarantee

The Airbnb Host Guarantee, so far, has indeed claimed responsibility for its screened guests party and the more than 100 marijuana-smoking guests that caused major destruction inside and outside of my house.

They sent a restoration team into the house for three full days. They did an “ozone” treatment, and they cleaned every surface, mattress, all bedding, every piece of clothing, the kitchen, but they ignored the refrigerator and both showers and the bathtub.

They’re adjuster admitted to the extreme toxicity left behind by the five cans of Lysol they sprayed by the trespassing guests (I’m allergic to high levels of Lysol) and to the extreme leftover marijuana smoke and evidence of marijuana which had left its damage on every surface inside of the house.

Mysteriously, the large green trash can outside of the house which was FILLED with evidence of the Airbnb trespassing guests party, the trash can was taken to the street and emptied. This took away much of the evidence.

Airbnbhelp insisted that I had no choice but to enter the property and take photos of the damage in order to file a claim with its Airbnb Host Guarantee. While I was in there (the neighbor went into the house with me) I was knocked out by the mix of toxic fumes left behind by the Airbnb-screened guest that had parties including after check-out time (at this point they are considered to be trespassing according to Airbnb).

This caused me to have a concussion. Now doctors have prescribed extensive speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vision therapy and other costly and ongoing treatments.

Airbnbhelp ‘Scott’ in their claims department with the $1 Million Airbnb Host Guarantee had said that they would cover all expenses and medical bills related to this incident caused by the guests that passed the rigorous Airbnb screening process. Now he is trying to claim that Airbnb is not responsible!

They have already sent the restoration team into the house to do the work, yet they are now trying to say they are not responsible for the medical portion which is necessary because of the extreme toxins left behind by their guests?

How can you help? Please purchase this audiobook I narrated for $1.99. I’m paid royalties on the $24.95 price. Then I will be able to promote tweets that are directed at my friends that are the early stage investors and the founders of Airbnb. They MUST do the right thing.