It’s about _________Who You Are_________ -bring Kleenex

by Administrator on August 23, 2011

The reality is that excitement and positive comments bring in the beautiful life that you have dreamt of since you were the smallest, looking up at those that love you, those that wish to bring your hope, and that one day, all of a sudden you’ll realize, suddenly, that the answers to your questions will come, you’ll be engaged with the portions full because of more than just your choices, it’s the happiness not just from friends, but from life.

A best fit for so much in your life it’s beyond mind blowing, it’s better than a novel or movie, and the truth awaits you, that which you’ve hoped for. It’s not some long term road toward just another test, it’s a defining moment of independence via those that helped you to open your eyes and realize where you were meant to be, the concepts that bring the hope and change you hoped for.

It’s not about the music, it’s about the musician and everyone saying you CAN’T. She was deaf, and then those saying you CANT get filled with fear and display anger when you begin to show signs of success.

As a little girl she’s inspired by the man, then some years later in grade school, she can’t hear anything, people see her as a pain according to the girl that can hear that has it all, so she quits and she finds him, playing to inspire the crowd… there he was to remind her “Why am I so different from the others?” she asks him, and he signs the words “Why… …do you have to be like the others” “Music, it is a visible thing”

So think of it like this… “__________ is a visible thing” OR “__________ is a _________ thing” WHAT DOES HE SIGN NEXT?? “Close your eyes… you will see” REMEMBER I SAID GO BE SILENT AND TELL THEM ALL TO you are busy. THAT’S WHEN AND WHERE THE BUTTERFLIES SHOW UP IN YOUR STOMACH.

The instrument was broken, r e a l l y broken but she was in the hospital next to the imperfect man that was wise. He wasn’t Mr. Everything in common with her, and in her life she was there in the field playing, as the butterfly came to life… flashbacks… glimpses of the field.

In the hospital, there by his side, he was unconscious as it was he that brought her from sadness to, and she remembered the moments of the man’s inspiration that brought the butterflies to her, the broken instrument glued, stapled and taped, the butterflies inspired the music itself.

It’s not the instrument it was a gift, just like with people… all filled with gifts, but the gifts never get the chance be inspired from butterflies inside.

Here we are, with perfect instrument which are perfect gifts, but those that are unused are a waste. This has not been my life nor will it be. I’m the odd ball for every day, feeling the elation of the butterflies rising in me, flying through fields of gold, glistening in the light as they soar, I know who I am and I am thankful for the gifts, the instruments, my instruments which I do not take for granted, I do not allow them to go to waste and I no longer allow guilt when I say no to anyone tries to interfere with my progress instead of focusing on finding their own instrument, their gift, to feel the butterflies inside of them. While everyone else asks “why” I continue on the path where I know answers to the questions.

I know such answers as I’ve spent a lifetime learning each day rather than sitting back in the insecure mundane, I don’t need to waste a second figuring the other person out, I see through it all, so instead I focus on continuing on rather than on those that do not understand by their own choice.

She and her friends will break your instrument if they can, but it’s not about the instrument, it’s about the will to bring it alive, living inside of it, expressing through it. I, and I hope this for you, focus on how the flying butterflies affect the course of human events. I don’t care if someone calls it lack of compassion, that’s contradictory irrational thinking.

It is less caring to waste time on those that are too scared to see the butterflies rising inside, because the time and energy wasted on their misguided fear appearing as anger is what can STEAL from the ones that most need you and I to inspire them through what is soaring inside of you, inside of me.

The other girl in the video, she had the resources, all the resources in the world to be the very best not to mention she wasn’t deaf, so a person that’s physically healthy… the one with all those resources… she was ignoring the butterflies? Scenarios others mention as hardship, these are real life for me as so many life elements I’ve overcome time after time. Some are making excuses for those of great mind, health and ability who simply choose to settle for less.

Remember, if you are more happy than they, don’t be surprised if they try to stop you from growing.