Victor Pride. has a new post up at BOLD AND DETERMINED. Brevity. Clarity. Your Time Is Valuable! Everything Else... Just Say "No!" … [Read More...]

Layoffs? Your Solution: Pride

Victor Pride at BOLD AND DETERMINED. He's a friend. Get the handbook he wrote about on March 2, 2015. It's free. You won't be looking for a job if you take action on his advice. And I have a request of you. Please have your favorite show host … [Read More...]


Preventive Medicine: THE Interview

Every man MUST read the book. The social conventions in the construct of western society DO and WILL affect you. The dots that Rollo Tomassi has connected may save your life. The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine (Volume 2) is NOT a re-hash of (the … [Read More...]

I Had a Great Dane Named Hugo

133 lb lap dog. A true Marmaduke. Dog spelled backward: God That brings me to my open letter via video to the people that call themselves "Christians" that are sending me messages day and night. How did they find every one of my private accounts and … [Read More...]